Why We Should Bring More International Participants to Perlman

November 11, 2018
Talia Knoble Gershon

London, United Kingdom

Class of 2019

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Getting on the bus to leave International Convention 2018, I knew that I had to attend a summer programme.

Going to IC had shown me the grand scope of BBYO's international community. Last summer, I decided to attend International Kallah. I was the only British teen attending and only knowing a few people from IC. Now reflecting on my experience, I cannot emphasize how much this summer programme has shaped me and taught me so much about not only myself, but BBYO as a whole.

BBYO summer programs have a profound impact on the International Delegates who attend. They truly bring BBYO to life, and allow us to explore and understand how the movement works around the world. Although IC taught me how large the BBYO community was, Kallah allowed me to deepen connections with people over a longer period of time. Kallah showed me that although we are from different sides of the world, we are all very similar.

I learned a lot about how BBYO works in the United States through many conversation at Kallah. Although not all of our systems are the same, it doesn't matter. We share so much common tradition, ritual, and history, which really makes us feel like a global movement.

Kallah helped me grow in many different ways, make friends with people I didn't know were missing from my life, and explore my Judaism in a large forum. For myself and the other International Delegates, this isn't always possible because of the size of our community back home.

Although it can be nerve-racking to travel across the world to spend three weeks with people you do not know, when it comes time to leave you will plead to stay longer. Summer programs will help you with your social skills and give you the ability to start a conversation with anyone, about anything. Summer experiences at BBYO are a place where this all comes alive.

What are you waiting for? Registration is now open for summer programs next year. Don't miss out.

Talia Knoble Gershon is a BBG from United Kingdom and enjoys politics and current affairs.

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