What Jewish Food You Are Based on Your Board Position

November 10, 2022
Kyra Shevis

Orange, Connecticut, United States

Class of 2023

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N’siah/Godol - Matzo Ball Soup

Many families have matzo ball soup recipes that are passed on from generation to generation. Similarly, presidents carry on traditions that have been alive throughout generations; such as business meetings or chapter traditions. Presidents must ensure that all aspects of events and planning run smoothly; a president’s job consists of many parts, just as matzo ball soup is filled with different flavors and ingredients. Many of us are familiar with the idea that matzo ball soup can help you feel better when you are sick. Similarly, presidents are always there to assist you and help solve any problems. 

S’ganit/S’gan - Latkes

What other food would we eat on Hanukkah, but latkes? Similar to this central part of our Hanukkah celebrations, S’ganim are a key part of every program. Latkes, everyone’s favorite Hanukkah food, are enjoyed by all at. S’ganim create incredible programs for all members, new and old, to enjoy! They often run chapter or regional programming and ensure that everyone is having a fantastic time. Just like how the presence of latkes will immediately brighten the mood, S’ganim light up the room. 

Aym Ha’Chaverot/Moreh - Kugel

Morim are the glue that hold chapters and regions together. Between recruiting new members and ensuring everyone is comfortable, they do so much for their chapters and regions. They are warm and welcoming, much like a kugel. Morim are often outgoing, and can be found chatting with many different BBGs and AZAs. Similarly, kugel can be found at many Jewish events, as it is a well liked and customary dish. 

Sh’licha/Shaliach - Matzah

Much like a Sh’licha or Shaliach, Matzah is filled with history. These board members have intimate knowledge of Jewish holidays; just like we tell the Passover story at our Seders each year, Shlichim are always ready to share our Jewish heritage! You can count on them to throw incredible holiday programs, and celebrate as much as possible!

Mazkirah/Mazkir - Rugelach

Remember when you were young and couldn’t wait for dessert? Much like the excitement rugelach creates, Mazkirim’s posts and announcements create excitement about BBYO! Whether already a member or considering joining, the Instagram, Tiktok, and other accounts run by Mazkirim create incredible hype about upcoming BBYO events. 

Gizborit/Gizbor - Bagels

Gizborim not only raise money to support our chapters, but they also design our incredible shuk items. There are a huge variety of shuk items, between pop culture references, chapter shirts, and simple regional designs, Gizborim create it all. These items are much like the different types of bagels; between sesame seed, rainbow, and everything bagels, there is no lack of flavors to try. Gizborim not only make shuk designs, but decide on the type of items they’ll sell as well; for example, sweatshirts, T-shirts, or sweatpants. Similar to this, bagels come in all different types, bagel chips or mini bagels are just some of the specialty types you could try. 

Ozeret/Ozer - Challah 

As many of us have experienced, when making a challah you must first start with the dough and then braid together three different sections. Ozerim’s “dough” is their chapter’s stand up cause or an organization that they wish to support. Once their stand up cause is decided, they weave their stand up cause into programs throughout the year, much like one does when braiding a challah. Between drives, fundraisers, car washes, bake sales, and more, there is no lack of creativity when it comes to Ozerim.

Kyra Shevis is a BBG from Connecticut Valley Region who loves s'mores and baby goats!

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