Deep in the Heart of Lonestar: Charcuterie Board Night

November 16, 2023
Mara Kornblith

Austin, Texas, United States

Class of 2027

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On Friday, November 10th, a Charcuterie Board Night was hosted in Austin in collaboration with Litzor BBG #433 and Ra’naan BBG #2534! Everyone had an amazing time putting together their spectacular charcuterie spreads with the help of their group members! Attendees were tasked with planning ahead with their group to come up with creative ideas for their Charcuterie Board themes and our groups definitely answered this call! Some of the boards that were seen on Friday were a massive Taylor Swift Eras Tour Candy display, which combined the efforts of two groups, an exquisitely arranged sushi board, a fantastically carved watermelon and fruit “sharkuterie Board”, a Shabbat themed board, complete with Challah, Hummus, Bamba, and Klik, and a delicious Chick-fil-A spread! Then, boards were judged by a few members of Capital AZA #2548 based on many factors, including overall best, looks, creativity, taste, and more.

I truly believe that events like these are crucial to creating bonds between different chapters! Having a program that includes collaboration between chapters pushes members to meet new people and make new friends where they may not have before. It is great to see connections being created, especially through working as a team and taking advantage of some friendly competition!

I encourage other chapters to try an event like this - one that includes team building and hands-on activities that engage all members (and give them delicious treats)! And, if you were wondering, the results are in! The “Sharkuterie” group won Best Overall and many other groups received other titles or honorable mentions from our wonderful judges.

Mara Kornblith is a BBG from Litzor BBG #433 in Lonestar Region who loves to read, draw, and watch Netflix.

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