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"We Color"

January 14, 2020

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A few weeks ago one of Argentina’s chapters hosted a We Color themed kickoff. It was an afternoon in which we welcomed tons of prospects from 8th grade to 12th grade through engaging activities, a paint war, and TONS of fun!

We wanted our event to attract a lot of attention, so all of the food was from one of the trendiest shops around Brownie Planet. You can’t have a successful event without great food!

Paint war participants were divided into groups and given tasks to fulfill in order to learn the location of where the war would take place. Once everybody figured it out, a massive paint war unleashed, leaving everyone covered in paint.

It was an afternoon like no other and everybody had so much fun! 

Sol Fiterman is a BBG from SHAbados #5045 in Argentina and loves photography.

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