Unleashing the Potential: A Journey of Leadership

October 31, 2023
Yoel Kissa

Namutumba, Uganda

Class of 2024

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The Abayudaya Teens Association's leadership training program has been a life-changing experience, not only for me but for all the participants involved. With its focus on empowering teenagers to lead, this program has equipped us with the necessary skills and mindset to take charge, make a difference, and create a better future.

Throughout the program, we were exposed to various interactive workshops and seminars that catered to our individual needs. From improving our public speaking skills to fostering teamwork and communication, these sessions were designed to tap into our hidden potential. Each workshop provided us with unique insights and perspectives, which helped us become more adaptable and flexible in different situations.

One of the key aspects of this program was the emphasis on community-oriented projects. We were given the opportunity to collaborate with local organizations and address issues that directly affected our communities. This experience ingrained in us a sense of responsibility and a deep understanding of the impact we can have as leaders.

Moreover, the program provided us with mentors who guided us throughout our journey. These mentors shared their own experiences and challenges, which served as a constant reminder that leadership is a continuous learning process. They not only supported us during the program but also encouraged us to seek innovative solutions and think outside the box.

Overall, the leadership training program organized by the Abayudaya Teens Association has given us the tools and confidence to become the leaders of tomorrow. It has ignited a fire within us to act and lead with purpose, passion, and determination. We are now equipped to face any challenges that come our way and create a lasting impact in our communities. The program was not just a training, but a catalyst for transforming us into leaders who will shape the world.

Yoel is an Aleph from Uganda who likes sports and games, namely soccer and tennis.

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