Uniting Against Terrorism

October 11, 2023
Delfina Slavinsky

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2025

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There is no conflict that justifies killing, raping, assaulting, or kidnapping people, regardless of whether it is driven by nationalism, religion, or any other political or personal reasons. The atrocities that have been unfolding in Israel since October 7th are unjustifiable. 

The ongoing debate over whether Israel belongs to Palestine is riddled with antisemitism, prejudice, and misinformation. The dispute between Israel defending its land and Palestine claiming Israeli territories has given rise to endless debates about the rights and wrongs on each side. While supporting Palestinian claims is valid, it is a matter open to debate and scrutiny. We must not forget that we live in a world that upholds freedom of expression, where having a different opinion, even one opposing our own, is an essential aspect of this freedom. It is logical to disagree in matters of the long going conflict.

What remains illogical is the reduction of this discourse to a mere issue of land. The ongoing situation in Israel is not about land; it is about TERRORISM.

We must begin by understanding that a terrorist attack is defined as a deliberate and premeditated act of violence or sabotage carried out by individuals or groups with the intention of instilling fear, panic, and chaos in society. What Hamas has been perpetrating in Israel is unequivocally terrorism, not a political maneuver.

This group, in power in Palestine for over 15 years, wasn't even attempting to reclaim the land they assert. Their acts of violence had no justification apart from harming the Israeli people and the Jewish population, the majority in Israel. Their goal was to install fear, not to pursue political resolutions – political disputes cannot be resolved through bloodshed. Their actions have terrorized an entire population, forcing them to live in constant fear and propagating these ideas worldwide, making Jews across the globe afraid to express their beliefs or to display their Magen David necklaces or tallits in public. 

Global rallies, where thousands of people come together chanting the Israeli anthem in solidarity, have made it resoundingly clear that Jews will stand united and overcame against terror as they had had before. 

What has been happening worldwide has affected millions of people who used to consider displaying their religion a perfectly normal act. This attack has terrorized them and shamed them for their beliefs. Antisemitism has found a way to persist in our lives globally, but worldwide jews have proved that even in terror they will not be silent.

In conclusion, no ideology, regardless of its controversy or indisputability, should ever wish harm upon others. Let us face tomorrow together, free from fear, with a firm and united stance against terrorism.

Delfi is a BBG from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and loves music.

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