To Wish Upon

January 9, 2024
Ashley Feder

Torrance, California, United States

Class of 2026

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Growing up, we watch the people around us celebrate accomplishments, get knocked down from failure, and transverse different paths in their lives. Growing up, I found that I was comparing myself to everyone and wishing I could be like them, wishing I could have the things they did and the life they had. Everyone wishes for something in their life, whether it be happiness, materialistic items, or an alternate life, from the moment we’re born.

We envision what we want from as young as our first birthdays. A cake is placed right in front of you, the flames of the candles meant to be blown to choose our desires. You close your eyes, and silence falls: “What do I hope for? What can I have that I don’t already?” A gust of wind exits our mouth as the flame flickers away. You open your eyes, hoping your wish will come true. 

Another chance of embracing our dreams might come from an eyelash stuck to your cheek. "Make a wish," they'll say as they swipe it away and place their finger in front of your lips. Once again, silence falls, and you are left alone with your thoughts. A gust of wind carries the eyelash away, and you open your eyes, hoping your wish will come true.

We endlessly look for our wishes to come true. We take a walk and see the stars glisten as we gaze at the sky. A shooting star catches your attention. Closing your eyes, the world goes quiet, and you're left alone with your thoughts. The shooting star disappears, and you hope it carries your wishes with it, making them come true.

What do I want in my life? Lying in bed, checking the time. It reads 11:11. A minute to make your wish. Everything's quiet. Thoughts rush through your head as you make your final choice on what to wish for. Opening your eyes, you hope your wish will come true. 

Continuing the walk, you come across a water fountain filled with pennies. Finding a singular penny in your pocket, you close your eyes, everything going silent. Left alone with your thoughts, you toss the penny into the water fountain, hoping your wish will come true. I know what I want at this very moment. This moment guides my visions and my goals.

Why do we partake in these instant wish-making superstitions? It's for the same reason we dream in the first place: hope. Hope is the light that can guide us through even the darkest times. Whether these wish-making methods truly work is uncertain, but the idea of them gives us hope and motivation to make our wants and dreams come true. Regardless of the size of your hopes and dreams, make a wish.

Ashley Feder is a BBG from Torrance, California, who is Argentinian and a part of the first board as gizborit of a new chapter in PWR called Shemesh!

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