Top 10 Things to Pack for International Convention 2023 in Dallas!

November 15, 2022
Alexandra Greenberg

Denver, Colorado, United States

Class of 2025

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Packing for IC is always a stressful task, so here are my top ten recommendations you need to pack to make it just a little bit easier!

My first must-have is a Portable charger. IC is all about friendship, and documenting our memories is super important, especially for our Mazkirim out there. Having a portable charger gives you access to keep your phone alive all day. It also helps you communicate with your International friends to find each other to meet up.

The second thing I’d pack for IC is a fanny pack. You can wear this on your LEADS day, at the concert, through the airport, and even to Shuk. This is perfect for carrying almost everything on this list and just makes it a lot easier than holding all your items. There are super cute options, such as Champion, Luluemon, and even some exclusive BBYO fannys.

The third thing you have to have at IC is cash. What is BBYO without some super awesome swag. Every year at International Convention we have a super cool shuk - filled with swag and merch from all over the order. Shuk has everything from sweatshirts and stickers, to socks and water bottles - all of which you can view in the IC 2023 app. Proceeds help go back into all of our home communities, so I recommend bringing some extra spending money to help support BBYO regions, and to bring home some awesome merch!

Next, you absolutely HAVE to have some comfy clothes. There are some early mornings at IC, so you better be comfy and cute. You can pick up some comfy clothes at Shuk and also represent your region/council and chapter. Clothing is such a good way to help show spirit. For example, I'm from RMR so I'd bring all my green clothes! Also, bring comfy shoes that can be worn to the concerts!

THE MOST MOST MOST important thing to pack is your spirit. This is such a hype weekend coming together with everyone to support the international order.​​ There are so many diverse BBYO communities out there, and you want to show how much love and spirit you have for your heart and home!

Then, I would pack snacks and gum. Some meals may not be your favorite, so if you have something to go back and eat in your hotel room that is always a must! BBYO also provides offers for late-night snacks. Even having a snack bar in your fanny pack can be so helpful sometimes. Gum is also something that can fit in your fanny pack, and it is a good way to freshen up throughout the busy convention days.

Another must-have is a speaker. Getting ready with your roommates for Shabbat is so much more fun with music. It also helps you get more hype for the day and have more energy!

As they say, hydrate or die-drate! Make sure to stay hydrated and healthy during IC. The last thing you want is to be dehydrated so make sure to pack a water bottle!

In addition to capturing moments through your phone, consider packing a digital camera! Digital cameras are a great way to be unplugged and still capture the moment. They often capture sweeter moments and add a vintage feeling to them.

Last but not least bring chapstick. The worst feeling in the world is to have chapped lips, especially in a state that may be drier than the one you live in. This is also small and compact and can fit in your fanny pack!

Overall, these top 10 must-haves will help you be prepared for anything at International Convention in Dallas! I can't wait to see you all there and you better have everything on this list.

Alexandra Greenberg is a BBG from Tikvah BBG #2550 in Rocky Mountain Region who loves Apple Music.

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