Top 10 Things To Do In Chicago

June 21, 2023
Shira Preis

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Class of 2025

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10. The Museum of Science and Industry

The museum itself offers quite a lot of attractions that are very interesting, however there was really only so much time one could spend there and a lot of the cooler exhibits required an extra fee.

9. Revival Food Hall

This food hall was pretty much your average food hall, but with it being right in the heart of downtown Chicago and providing excellent food for all, it's definitely a great hang out spot.

8. Culver’s

Another food place to check out if you’re not from the midwest. They have some awesome dairy products, however their food isn’t exactly anything unique if you’re already in the midwest.

7. Kurimu

There’s certainly a food trend in this list and that’s because Chicago has excellent dairy products. This ice cream shop was amazing. It’s Korean style ice cream with many unique flavors and toppings.

6. Northwestern University

This college has a gorgeous campus that extends out to a couple beaches plus it was a cool place to tour with an interesting history.

5. UChicago

U of C is a great place for anyone in high school to tour around to get a feel for college campuses, but even better is that they have a cycle of food trucks on campus to choose from after tours are done (this is why it’s above Northwestern there is no favoritism).

4. Magnificent Mile

A beautiful spot in downtown Chicago packed with many stores. Even better than shopping, there are some gorgeous bridges with views. Plus you are able to see how Chicago is built on two stories.

3. Starbucks Roastery/Reserve

This is a great place for coffee lovers and fans of the brand. It is a 4 story high Starbucks with unique drinks (and even gelato). On the fifth floor is a balcony that overlooks the city.

2. Visiting Downtown Evanston

While not in Chicago itself Evanston offers a lot for any visitors. There are tons of cute boba and coffee places as well as restaurants and stores for everyone.

1. Willis Tower (Color Factory)

The Color Factory was truly awesome. There were many cool exhibits to do with friends as well as photo opportunities and many different yummy foods to try out.

Shira Preis is a BBG who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and she loves to dance and write in her free time.

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