Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Chapter Elections

June 7, 2023
Juliet Reiff

Commack, New York, USA

Class of 2025

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1. IT'S OKAY TO LOSE!-There are SO many ways that you can still be involved within your chapter even if you’re not on the board and there is always next year to try again!

2. Come prepared with a list of qualifications-In case you need to drop down to a lower position, it’s important to have a list with your qualifications handy.

3. WEAR SUNSCREEN!-Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way and came home with a really bad sunburn on my shoulders. If your elections are taking place outdoors, wear sunscreen no matter the weather. The sun was not out for the majority of my chapter's elections, so I thought I wouldn't need to wear sunscreen.

4. Come prepared with everything you need-Personally, I suggest getting ready the night before your elections. Have your outfit picked out, bring your platforms/speech, bring a pen if voting, etc…

5. Don’t expect to win a certain position-When I ran for my chapters Aym Ha and lost, I was beyond disappointed because I got my hopes up too much.

6. Turn everything into your N’siah/Godol early-I suggest turning your declarations/platforms at least 5 days before they're due.

7. Practice your speech multiple times-Practicing your speech will boost your confidence and you’ll feel more prepared. As they say, practice makes perfect!

8. Bring snacks and water-Summer is coming up and it is getting warmer out, therefore it's VERY important to stay hydrated.

9. Think closely about why you're running for board-Are you running because you're passionate about a certain position, or are you running for the sake of being on the board?

10. It’s totally okay to feel scared-You are taking a HUGE leap by running for board, It’s okay to feel anxious and nervous! You’ve got this!

Juliet is an BBG from Genesis BBG in Nassau Suffolk Region who loves One Direction.

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