The Topic of Kanye West and Anti-Semitism

December 7, 2022
Dara Stulberg

Port Washington, New York, United States

Class of 2025

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“Separate the artist from the art” some may say. In many cases this could be true. But, when we are talking about Kanye West, it’s not.

Kanye West is an influential rapper who uses his platforms to spread anti Semitism and pro-Hitler ideas to the world. Recently, Ye (Kanye West) has been praising Adolf Hitler, the man who had killed more than 6 million of our ancestors.

On Alex Jones’ podcast, Kanye West stated “I see good things about Hitler” and “I like Hitler”.

His twitter account was finally suspended when he tweeted a picture of a swastika embedded in a Jewish star with the comment YE24. As much as some may want to listen to his music, we should not still be supporting a person like this after the things he has done.

He has shown himself to be an anti-Semitic person and as people very committed to Judaism and BBYO, we should stand up towards this hate. Supporting Ye is a support for anti-Semitism regardless if you like his music or not.

If you see or hear someone supporting any type of anti-Semitism, even just a “little” Holocaust joke, I urge you to stand up and use your voice. Never let the memories of the survivors and those who didn’t make it, fall through. We shall always remember their souls and carry on their stories, fighting against the hate of others.

Dara Stulberg is a BBG from Port Washington, New York and she is currently chapter Sh’licha.

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