A True Alien Invasion

November 9, 2018
Amanda Baritz

Boca Raton, Florida, United States

Class of 2019

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Just a few weeks ago, Gold Coast Region celebrated hitting over 1,000 members. There was so much effort into hitting this goal, and many behind-the-scenes things that we planned to hype our region’s recruitment efforts. From “I(scream), you scream, we all scream for new members” to “taco ‘bout recruitment,” multiple weeks were themed to spice up our way of promoting recruitment. Following each theme, there was an incentive for that week. For example, “DOUGH NOT miss out on recruitment”, the chapter who closed the most members got doughnuts at their next meeting. Watching chapters gain different members in such a short amount of time was truly amazing.

The teamwork between the Regional Board and the Chapter Boards was unreal. Gold Coast has been dreaming about hitting 1,000 members since early in March last year, and it has been an amazing and rewarding ride.

“With incredible teens, parents, advisors, stakeholders, and staff, Gold Coast Region has hit 1000 members for the first time ever! I could not be prouder to work with this incredible group of people who have allowed 1,000 Jewish teens to find a home in BBYO here in Palm Beach and Broward Counties,” —Samantha Heimsohen, Senior Regional Director

BBYO, let it be known that Gold Coast Region is not done yet. We have so much more in store, and this milestone is only the start of our year. We plan on using this momentum to fuel our drive and passion to take Gold Coast Region to new heights. I am proud to say that Gold Coast Region is not just alive and well, but we are alive and thriving.

Amanda Baritz is a BBG from Gold Coast Region and BBYO is her life!

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