The Return to BBYO: Alumni Perspective on IC

February 20, 2024
Shira Preis

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Class of 2025

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This IC looks different from any other in many different ways. One of the special changes for this year was the opportunity for BBYO alumni from across the globe to return to their high school days with a special weekend of events during IC. Alumni were given the chance to reconnect with old high school buddies and return to their homes and hearts. 

Among the alumni was my aunt. She and my mom both were avid BBYO fans all through high school, and they both would go on to serve on their regional board each as shlicha. My aunt found BBYO at a time when she no longer felt bonded to her specific sleepaway camp and decided to give CLTC a try. She would later go on to do ILTC and Kallah. When speaking with her, she said, “Returning was so important for me because I had such a connection to BBYO, and I wanted to make new friends the same way I did in high school.”

I had the chance to ask about what she thinks of how the order has grown. She explained how big everything was in comparison to when she did BBYO. When she was a BBG, IC was still held over the summer, and very few people actually attended. “I walked in, and there were just so many people, and it made me so happy to see everyone who has found love in BBYO and IC.”

While very different than what she is used to, she explained that she’s been loving her time. Similar to how teens at IC make friends from across the border, she has had the opportunity to make friends from Bulgaria. However, her favorite part of the whole weekend was seeing the spirit that still remains for BBYO. “The run ins for opening ceremonies was my favorite part to just see BBYO teens carrying out the same spirit I had in high school.”

With the creation of the alumni organization, experiences like these will forever continue to grow. The spirit of BBYO transcends generations, especially as we move into a new century of the movement. 

Shira Preis is a BBG who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and she loves to dance and write in her free time.

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