The Power of Us on Shabbat

February 19, 2022
Ella Young

Michigan, United States

Class of 2024

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After a fun day filled with leadership activities and sports, it was time to all come together as one and celebrate Shabbat. All BBGs and Alephs got dressed in their best outfits and truly felt like siblings in the Order. 

Since BBYO is a pluralistic movement, there were many service options available to anybody's Jewish customs. I went to the Power of Art. The service was amazing! It combined art with Shabbat in a very fun and creative way. My favorite part was being able to sing my favorite songs with my international friends. 

Then, we ate an amazing dinner that included chicken, salad, and of course challah. The dinner was a super fun bonding experience to meet people all over the order. I ate dinner with people from all over the world! 

Following dinner, it was time for separates. There were AZA, BBG, and BBYO separates available to attend. I went to BBG separates and I truly felt united and connected with my sibling BBGs. My favorite part of the separates was all coming together and doing the BBG Heartbeat. 

To conclude the night, there were summer programs reunions. I went to the CLTC reunion, since I went on CLTC 5 this summer. I was so happy I was able to reunite and finally see my friends from all over the world! 

In the morning, there were lots of different service options you could attend. I loved how many services they had and I could really connect to my Judaism through them. I love singing the prayers and feeling the BBYO magic in the air.

Shabbat at IC made me feel more connected to Judaism, my friends, and of course, BBYO. I am so thankful for the opportunity to experience a magical Shabbat at IC.

Ella Young is a BBG in Michigan and loves hanging out with friends, driving, and of course, BBYO!!

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