CSR Revamps New Member Weekend

October 29, 2019
Ashley Faber

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Class of 2020

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New Member Weekend is arguably one of the greatest conventions CSR hosts every year. It is an opportunity for our freshmen to immerse themselves in our regional community for the first time. They develop a deeper understanding of how we operate, learn our traditions, and also discover their home in BBYO. In the past, this experience was only planned by the regional board, but this year we’re doing something different.

Back in February, CSR decided to establish a Regional Leadership Network, or RLN. An RLN is a group of Captains and Task-force leaders. Leaders from throughout the region apply, similarly to the International Leadership Network. Our network includes Programming Captains, Atmosphere and Inclusion Captains, Judaic Captains, and Community Service and Summer Experiences task-forces. These leaders have helped plan our Tournies and fall regional conventions this year, and are now integrating them into New Member Weekend too!

Instead, the regional board will be joined by two MIT Coaches, two AIT Coaches, CLTC Ambassadors, and the RLN Captains. This will help form a strong steering team, ensuring that the freshmen of CSR have the best possible experience while also dispersing responsibility and new opportunities amongst some of our region’s strongest leaders. We look forward to seeing how this plays out on October 25-27 at convention!

Ashley Faber is a BBG from CSR and loves to play the violin.

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