The Power

November 10, 2022
Janice Kovo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2024

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I know, you have read and heard about a thousand articles that talk about music; I know. But let me ask you, then why did you, once more, open this one when you read the description? What do you think it is about the power of music that made you open, yet again, another article about it? 

The power of music is something that, in my belief, has no comparison. The power of music can appeal to your deepest emotions. The power of music will always, always, make you want to read.

I want you to think about your favorite artist; it can be a singer, a band, or whatever you want. Now, why are they your favorite artist? How does their music make you feel?

Were you ever in a car, looking through the window, listening to music, and had the feeling that you were in a movie? Have you ever put on a great song and stood in front of a mirror and started dancing without caring what was going on in the rest of the world? Have you ever been in a bad mood and there was no better thing to do other than to listen to music? I have gone through all of these situations, and in my opinion, music is the best feeling that one can ever experience. This is the power of music. And I think that when used right, it’s a great tool for so many things that everyone can use. 

For example, whenever I arrive at an event or program and good music can be heard in the background, it hypes me up so much. Or when I watch a sad scene in a movie and without noticing it, in the background, you hear a sad song and it makes you feel even sadder. The music has the power to appeal to your emotions without you realizing it. It can make you feel new emotions, feel new things you didn’t even know you could feel, and feel things about things you wouldn’t have felt otherwise. Try it. Put a video you don’t care about with a song you love. How does it make you feel? 

Music can transform a regular night into the best night of your life. Recently I started going to concerts. Lights, fireworks, fans, music. That, a few nights ago, was the recipe for one of the best nights of my life. Going to concerts and listening to live music is a whole different level of an emotional moment, an unforgettable one. 

Another one of the best nights I ever had was when I saw the first Broadway show. I love theater and I love movies. But for me, making these things musical helps them to capture the heart of the audience. It makes you feel the story even more profoundly; it can make you laugh or cry even harder and it can create even greater empathy in the person watching. 

Music is a form of expression, an art. Music has power. Music makes you want to read, yet again, another article about it.

Janu is a BBG from SHAbados and she‘s a theater kid who likes to always learn new things.

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