United We Stand: Reflections on Global Ambassadors Week

February 16, 2022
Ivan Stern

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2023

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Luckily or unluckily, this is my first IC in person. As part of the Argentine delegation, I also experienced Global Ambassadors Week (GAW), and it was in a different context than in past years. This GAW wasn't a full week, it wasn't hosted in a family home; but the feeling of reunion and unity after two years of virtual meetings was strong among Latinos, Europeans from all countries, Australians, and Israelis.

The Argentine delegation arrived last Sunday after a flight that seemed eternal for an experience that promised a lot for its 50+ delegates that came to experience our first international exchange. And so it was. After four intense, hectic, and busy days, with a lot of socializing, learning, and fun that felt as if it had only been one day, we arrived here, IC 2022, with high expectations. 

If there is one thing I noticed unanimously during GAW, it was that regardless of language, regardless of English level, regardless of where the other was from, regardless of Jewish observance level, each and every one of the international delegates connected daily to have meaningful experiences, moments, and activities of all and any kind in a city that many of us didn't even know. We employed a lot of empathy and siblinghood, communicating in a language that went beyond words. It made us make noise, shout louder and louder, dance more and more, and made every bus ride a cherished moment. 

I'm sure that everyone who doesn't belong to the international communities may not understand at first sight what we do or how we behave, but listen: know that you are welcome, that you can share with us, and that you will certainly have the best time you could ever asked for and no place you'd rather be in.

Today I want to celebrate our energy, our strength, our voice, our will, our effort, and our siblinghood, international members. Today and forever: THE POWER OF US!

Thank you, BBYO. How nice you were, GAW!

Ivan Stern is an Aleph from BBYO: Argentina who love having long talks, exchanging ideas, and socializing.

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