The Joy of IC Launch Night After Perlman

November 19, 2021
Sydney Levine

Rockville Centre, New York, United States

Class of 2023

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As I sat in the gym of the Mid Island Y, hanging out with friends, taking pictures, and eating pizza, nothing felt overly special. It was just another BBYO Tuesday. Needless to say, I was not prepared for the overwhelming surge of feelings that would bombard me after 8 pm.

But before I dive into IC Launch Night, let’s rewind. Three months ago (actually to the day as of writing this), I made my way to B’nai B’rith Perlman Camp to spend 12 days with complete strangers. They were the best 12 days of my life. While at Movement Makers, I met my best friends, learned so much about BBYO, and made the best memories. There are no words to describe how amazing it was, and how it changed me forever.

Once I got my confirmation for the IC waitlist, I finally understood it. I understood why we have these amazing sign up moments together. After Perlman, IC isn’t just about the IC. It’s about reunions and best friends from a million miles away (it’s actually about 56.4). It’s about that summer program feeling, where you get to have BBYO all day, everyday, without school work, parents, or interruptions. I didn’t realize all of this until after I had signed up.

I have this song that goes “I get to see my friends again, I get to see my friends again, I GEEEEEETTTTT to see my friends again!” (over and over and over). I sang it when I saw my best friend for the first time after Perlman, when I made my way down to  New Jersey for a GJHRR x MM weekend, and, of course, after IC Launch Night. This song of pure joy and excitement perfectly encapsulates the IC Launch feels.

Missing these amazing people never ends. I can FaceTime with them every day, play Cup Pong over iMessage with them constantly, but nothing beats living with them and experiencing every moment together. This is what’s going to make IC so special. Getting to be by their side 24/7, having shared experiences, and simply getting to exist in the same space again is what made driving to Plainview (which is 30 minutes away from my house) completely worth it. So I could experience this onslaught of feelings alongside people who are feeling the same things.

Now, all I can do is wait. (Well, I can also try to visit all of my friends before February, but life gets busy). IC Summit is around 100 days away, and I am counting down every single one until that number gets to zero.

My summer program changed my life. As I wait for the day I make my way to Baltimore, I get to look back at my amazing memories (and sign up for ILSI).
See you in February, MM class of 2021!

Sydney Levine is a BBG living on Long Island, New York who is obsessed with bucket hats.

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