BBG Showcase Turns Negative Words into a Positive Lesson

February 16, 2019
Farrah Fuld

New York, New York, United States

Class of 2020

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On Friday February 15, 2019 at International Convention, attendees went to programs that were meaningful and created bonds between members. The program “The Power of Your Words” allowed BBGs to share negative comments that they have been told in the past. This program featured Judy Kravitz BBG #1219 from North Texas Oklahoma Region. Many were able to bond over the fact that they have received similar negative comments. During this program skits were being acted out in which characters said negative comments to others. In total, seven skits were acted out and each skit was incredibly different. The skits exposed participants to scenarios they could experience in their everyday life. Many participants felt moved by the programming

“This program has opened me up to meeting new people. It allows you to open up and realize that behind closed doors, everyone has a different story.” —Rose Coggan, North Texas Oklahoma

“I have learned that we should not let the negative words we hear define us.” —Dara Zeitz, South Jersey

“I thought that this separates program was really impactful and changed the way I saw myself personally. This program made me see myself in a more positive light and to not be so negative and down on myself. Everyone in this program was really respectful and I felt like everyone made it a safe space for me.” —Sarah Adams, South Jersey

La’shon ha’rah is when you talk behind other's backs and is a value that is against the Torah. The program connected this Jewish value to the skits that were run and why is it so important to understand the impact of your words. Your words can have a deeper impact than you may think and it important to choose them wisely. Think of a toothpaste bottle. When you squeeze the paste out, you cannot put it back into the bottle. This is the same with your words. After you have said them, you cannot take them back and must take responsibility for the damage they may cause for others.

Farrah Fuld is a BBG from Big Apple Region who loves the beach and traveling.

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