The Impact of the 99th/79th Inaugural Address

August 17, 2023
Lily Weinstock

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Class of 2024

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Yesterday morning, on August 16, 119 teen leaders from around the world arrived in Omaha, Nebraska for the 2023 International August Executives Conference and to kick off the centennial year of BBYO. This community is made up of representatives from various regions from around the globe, all joining together as one to start the year with a bang.

Following getting sorted into rooms and getting ready for the night, everyone departed from our hotel on our four buses (Jerome bus on top!) and arrived at the JCC to begin the night. We started off with our dinner of salad, brisket, potatoes, focaccia, and corn. (Thank you JCC staff!) After this, we filed into the auditorium to begin the Inaugural address and installations of the 99/79 Grand and International boards. 

Watching this address was unlike any other BBYO experience. Featuring speakers such as Matt Grossman, the Mid-America Region: Omaha Council presidents, past members of the Mother Chapter, Lisa Cohn, special video guests, and Courtney Saxe and TJ Katz, this opening was one to remember. The speeches alone were given with an incredible amount of drive and dedication, and I believe that what made this truly memorable was the experience itself. Getting to be in a room with passionate leaders from around the world, not only from the current boards but also from the past, was a fantastic bonding experience that made BBYO as a movement feel so much more connected and unified. Teens all around the world are taking these opportunities that provide experiences that truly impact them all throughout the rest of their lives, as proven by our numerous speakers. I hope that everyone can take away the same thing, because this organization truly creates life-changing experiences, friendships and memories. I am so beyond grateful for this opportunity, and I am so excited for the rest of this weekend! 

Lily is a BBG from Arizona and she can make the Perry the Platypus noise!

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