The Impact Food Has Made in My Life and What It Can Do for Others

April 4, 2023
Hannah Owens

Agoura Hills, CA, United States

Class of 2025

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Food is the universal language of the world. It does not require translation or a reason to be understood. It has the ability to connect others from all over the world. 

All around the world in the largest of cities to the smallest of towns, food is able to create a community. For the longest time, I have had a hand-in-hand relationship with the food I eat and the places I dine at. Food is my comfort place, as well as it is for many others. Furthermore, if it is made correctly, a person can feel the love and passion that was added in when creating the meal. Not only is food a form of communication, it is an art. It has this supernatural ability to tell a story and communicate about the tireless work that was needed to create the dish. For example, Japanese sushi masters spend many years perfecting their dishes. From the quality of the fish to the perfect consistency of rice. 

For the last few years, I have taken an interest in finding and determining the best places to dine at in the city of Los Angeles. I wanted to create a list for myself and others that shared all the greats. Creating this list has given me an insight about the world of cooking and the stories behind the food. The restaurants I dined at were classic “hole in the wall” and  “mom-and-pop” restaurants. I was able to learn about the story behind the food and its origins. Not only that, I was able to learn from the owners and the cooks about their stories and where their passion ignited. These restaurants make a person feel as if they are home and the food they are eating is made with passion and pride. Supporting and eating at these types of establishments is much more fulfilling than eating at a large chain/franchised business. 

Food has allowed me to learn about different communities, cultures, and social interactions in ways that I could never have imagined. The next time you decide to dine out, please consider going to a family owned establishment or “hole in the wall” and learn about the story behind the food or how the establishment came to be.

My name is Hannah Owens, I am a BBG from Echad in the Pacific Western Region and I love to try new foods!

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