The First Event of the Year: Starting a New Tradition

March 12, 2024
Hailey Arnell

Long Island, New York, United States

Class of 2026

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On January 7th, NSR hosted our very first Nassau New Year's Event. If you know anything about Long Island, you probably know it is split up into 2 different counties called Nassau and Suffolk Counties. NSR splits our chapters up in a very similar way as it is split between chapters based in Nassau County and chapters based in Suffolk County. Every year, Suffolk County has its own tradition called Suffolk Fall Fest. When NSR’s 66th Regional S’ganit Nassau, Zara Sebolsky, realized that Nassau chapters did not have their own event, she made it her mission to plan one.

The event started with everyone coming in and sitting at different tables. Each table had a different activity. Two tables consisted of an activity called Message in a Bottle, another 2 tables consisted of cup decorating for the Shirley Temple bar, and the last two tables were for the food truck. The Message in a Bottle activity allowed for BBGs to think of how they want their year to go. Colorful paper, mini glass bottles, gel pens, and stickers were provided. BBGs were asked to respond to the prompt “Identity, Identity, Who am I a BBG? As a BBG, what are some things you hope to accomplish to not only become a better BBG but a better person?” They were then able to write their responses, fold and roll their papers into the bottle, and then decorate their bottle with stickers. At the Shirley Temple bar, there were different colored cups with lids and straws. BBGs were able to mix and match their cups, lids, and straws to make their cup personalized. They were then able to decorate their cups with paint markers. Once their cup was decorated they were able to go and make a Shirley Temple. At this event, there was also a food truck. Members were able to receive delicious grilled cheese and mac and cheese.

After these activities concluded we moved on to dancing! There was a DJ who played “bat mitzvah” music. BBGs danced and received “bat mitzvah goodies” (NSR shuk). After the dancing concluded we moved on to playing bat mitzvah games such as Coke and Pepsi and musical chairs. 

The last event of the night was a New Years Eve ball drop. The 2024 ball drop video was projected onto the wall and BBGs counted down till the new year. Once the ball dropped BBGs threw confetti into the air. 

Zara says, “Attending NSR’s Nassau New Year's Celebration was a fantastic experience and something I’ll never forget! Getting to plan the first-ever experience and watching it all pan out was so extremely rewarding! Seeing everyone enjoying themselves—whether enjoying a shirley temple or visiting our food truck—made my heart so happy. I can’t wait to watch the event become a yearly NSR tradition!” Everyone had the best time at this event, and I can’t wait for it to be a yearly tradition!  

My friends and I after the ball drop!

Hailey Arnell is a BBG from Integrity BBG #0461 of the Nassau Suffolk Region and she is her chapter's Sh’licha and a competitive dancer.

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