The End Of An Era - Summer Camp

July 23, 2023
Eliya Hajjaj

Be'er Sheva, Israel

Class of 2025

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My name is Eliya Liam Hajjaj I am a junior from the Be'er Sheva chapter of Maccabi Tzair Israel. I am going to tell you about the most important event that happens in Maccabi Tzair: summer camp. So what is the Maccabi Tzair summer camp? The summer camp is the event that ends the year of activities, separated into 3 parts.

The three parts are:

1. The building of the camp:

The teens that are 9 grade and above build (set-up) the camp for 3 days before it begins.

2. The Hanihim:

For 3 days the kids that are 3-8 grade come and have activities that the 9-12 graders put on for them.

3. The end:

For a day and a half after the camp is over, the 9-12 graders pack up the camp and then we go home to Be'er Sheva.

So what the camp is for me? The camp is the event that sums up the whole year and all the experiences that happened. It is a welcoming event for new people and also an event for saying goodbye to old ones. It is the time when the instructors say goodbye to those who were with them and continue with them. It is an event of accepting responsibility that stems from the realization that a year has passed and we need to grow up. We learn to say goodbye to the people that we had so much time with last experience and conclude everything, but also start an adventure with the new teens.

In my camp, we hosted 3 people from BBYO Finland and they got to experience the Maccabi summer camp

So to sum it up, summer camp is the event that comes at the end of every year. It is the event that when one door closes, another door opens. It is the end of experiences and the beginning of new ones. It teaches about responsibility and that sometimes you have to let go.

Eliya Liam Hajjaj is an Aleph from Be’er Sheva Nahal Eshan, Israel and is in Maccabi Tzair.

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