The Dark Side of the Fireworks Show on Israel’s Independence Day

May 26, 2021
Shani Ron

Bat-Yam, Israel

Class of 2023

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In this post, I will discuss the celebration of Israel's Independence Day. On this day, every city puts on a fireworks show, and the more exciting and impressive the show, the better the event. While everybody is enjoying this happy day, there is another group of the civilians for whom the fireworks show brings back trauma from their time in service, where they witnessed traumatic events that resulted in post-trauma.

Unfortunately, the State of Israel does not discuss enough about the topic and continues to perform fireworks shows every year. They seem to care a bit less about the soldiers who care and fight for this country.

The soldiers who bring the pain of those days with them on a daily basis, experienced it in the most difficult way on our country's happiest day, and they did everything for our country.

Despite this, it is clear that more priority has recently been paid to those soldiers, and several cities around the country have also permanently cancelled Independence Day fireworks shows. I believe that making this small change for those soldiers is appropriate for the entire nation.

Besides this, many people are beginning to pay more attention to it and react to the fight for those soldiers, showing the citizens' brotherhood and mutual support.
Independence Day might be a happier day for all, including those heroes, if the fireworks were not present.

Shani is a BBG from Maccabi Tzai she eats mayo all the time.

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