Advisor Appreciation in the Time of Social Distancing

March 23, 2020
Fana Schoen

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States

Class of 2020

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Hi, there Alephs and BBGs!

I know it can be tough while we're all cooped up at home with nothing to do until who-knows-when, but now may be the perfect time to be looking for great things to do! People are throwing themselves into hobbies, crafts, Netflix-bingeing, and BBYO On Demand. Just because our day-to-day reality is changing, it doesn't mean that essential pieces of our BBYO experience need to fall by the wayside - particularly Advisor Appreciation Month. Alephs and BBGs around the world have plenty of time to socially distance and still celebrate their excellent advisors.

Earlier, the ILN Advisor Task Force rolled out a resource to guide chapter members around the world on 31 Days of Advisor Appreciation for this Advisor Appreciation Month. Given the circumstances of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), some of these shows of appreciation may be more difficult to pursue than others, but this is not the time to stop appreciating your advisors. So many of these random acts of kindness can be done virtually. And even the in-person suggestions can be made social distancing-friendly with a little creativity!

Without endangering yourself and others, you can show your appreciation of your advisor virtually. Send your advisor some of their favorite snacks with grocery delivery services. Host a chapter Shabbat dinner on Zoom with your advisor!. With your time off, make a cool craft for your advisor as a gift. See if your advisor has fresh ideas for virtual programming. Maybe consider posting on social media to celebrate your incredible advisor. Even if they cannot see you in person, their hard work year-round deserves our utmost thanks and appreciation. Stay safe and check in with your awesome advisors to make sure they do, too, like my incredible advisor, Donna Iorio!

Fana Schoen is a BBG from Liberty Region and is a member of the same chapter that her mother grew up in!

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