The Culture of Our Order

December 21, 2020
Kyle York

Boca Raton, Florida, United States

Class of 2021

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For a little less than a century, our order has been alive and thriving. This organization began because a few teens could not join Greek life because they were Jewish, and so they decided to make their own fraternity. It is safe to say they started something great. Every single one of us is the living, breathing proof that they made an amazing decision to create AZA, and then later BBG. 96 years later, we have chapters and regions all across the globe with each community creating different and special moments.

In my home chapter of L’chaim AZA which is in Boca Raton, FL, my favorite tradition is the day before Thanksgiving, when we have an alumni vs. members football game. It’s awesome to see so many faces that once were a part of my chapter, and who still care about it.

Aiden Kauffman, a member of Rubin Kaplan AZA in North Texas Oklahoma says that his favorite event is Frat Night with Lewis AZA. The two chapters watch football and eat pizza together, and the two groups slowly grow a bond with one another.

Hannah Alper from Lake Ontario can’t attend a business meeting without eating spooey. She also loves singing a special song whenever a motion passes.

Abby Wallach from Shira BBG in Mid America: St. Louis loves dance parties that her chapter always seems to have whenever they have an overnight. While it isn’t written down anywhere, it is a MUST at all overnights.

Scotty Dunn from Zelman AZA in Greater Atlanta makes sure that ‘Casper’ the bowling pin is never stolen at conventions. Every chapter tries to steal each other’s mascots, but Zelman never lets Casper out of their sight.

Elana Rubenako from Chaia BBG in Ohio Northern savors how ONR waits until everyone is done praying during the silent prayer as it's a very inclusive moment. This allows everyone to practice their Judaism the way they want to.

These special moments are what make our order so special and they are a part of our order’s tradition. While these memories unite us, they also allow each of our chapters and regions to operate differently. You'll notice that in each of these different chapter traditions, there is a reason why we continue to come back each and every week. Creating a chapter culture is so important because it is the reason why members will come or go. It can include very funny moments, but also sometimes, serious and solemn ones. No matter the mood, a sense of culture and home is created for all members, and that is the reason why we are such a powerhouse of an organization.

Kyle York is and Aleph from Gold Coast Region and BBYO is what actually what got him to find his Jewish identity.

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