The Countdown to IC 2023 is Almost Over!

February 14, 2023
International S'ganim


Class of 2024

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Hey, y’all! It’s Jack and Naomi, coming to you live from the IC 2023 HQ in Dallas, Texas! We hope you share in our excitement as we anticipate the arrival of thousands of brother, sister, and sibling Alephs and BBGs from across over 40 countries. Opening ceremonies are just TWO days away, we can’t wait to kick off the biggest and best IC yet!

We’re so excited for you to see the wonders of #AZABBGIC2023 when we come together in the city that is hosting us so well. Our amazing friends from BBYO North Texas Oklahoma Region are currently hosting hundreds of Global Ambassadors as the IC Leadership Team prepares for an incredible convention, and we can’t wait for you to join us so soon.

We know you’re ecstatic for the incredible lineup of speakers, performers, and special guests we’re welcoming to convention, and just in case you haven’t yet, check out the full IC 2023 schedule! Across the board, the stellar speakers and energizing artists that are joining us are sure to make your IC experience extraordinary.

Countless Alephs and BBGs from all corners of this incredible Movement have put in hours to make this convention great. We have been partnering with them over the past few months to make IC the best it can be and, believe it or not, there are still so many surprises in store! Keep an eye on the IC app and around the convention space for cool pop-ups and surprises — we promise not to disappoint!

Get packing, AZA and BBG – this weekend is like nothing the world has even seen. We’re welcoming thousands of teen leaders, thought leaders, activists, performers, and more to the Lone Star State, so get ready to experience the best of Dallas and BBYO.

IC is almost upon us, so join us as we celebrate the past 99 years of BBYO, look toward the future, and most of all, show the world that Now Is Our Time.

Jack Elice and Naomi Kales

98th Grand Aleph S’gan and 78th International S’ganit

BBYO IC 2023 Teen Coordinators

From the current Grand Aleph S'gan and International S'ganit.

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