The Best Specialty Coffee in Buenos Aires

December 24, 2020
Solana Wainstein

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Class of 2021

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Most people love coffee, myself included. Not only is it a drink, but also a moment, whether it's shared or not.

Coffee is a culture, and by this, I'm not referring to, for example, Starbucks' coffee, but to specialty coffee.

The term ‘Specialty coffee’ is used to refer to coffee that is graded 80 points or above on a 100 point scale by a certified coffee taster (SCAA) or by a licensed Q Grader (CQI). Specialty coffees are coffees at their peak and are different from other coffee because specialty coffee has been grown at the perfect altitude, at the correct time of year, in the best soil, and then picked at just the right time. All this translates into some of the most exciting and tasty coffee in the world.

My journey through the world of specialty coffee started about two years ago, in which I got to know around 30 different coffee shops in Buenos Aires. After a few visits to each one of them, here are my three favorites:

1. Surry Hills Coffee (@surryhillscoffee on Instagram)

Feli and Tati came back from Australia with a clear idea of what they wanted to create and put all their love and effort into as a couple. Having been there for years, they wanted to bring the essence of Surry Hills to Buenos Aires, and so they did. Surry Hills Coffee is a local coffee shop that will make you feel as if you were in Australia as soon as you set foot in it. Although the variety of coffee-based drinks is obviously the main character, there are other factors that also contribute to making the client's experience unique; the food and pastry (french toasts, scones, cookies, alfajores, salads), the environment (lots of sunlight through the window, cinema seats around each table, beautiful and delicate crockery), and most importantly, the kindness of the people who work there.

My personal recommendation: flat white with french toasts / flat white with an almond and dulce de leche alfajor / flat white with a cheese scone.

2. Café Registrado (@caferegistrado on Instagram)

This may be the first specialty coffee shop I've ever visited, without even knowing there was more than just Starbucks. With a long trajectory, Café Registrado managed to become a part of and stay in my top 3. One thing I love about this coffee shop is that its owners and workers have been able to maintain the high quality of their coffee while offering a wide range of food options, getting me to sometimes even go to have lunch without ordering a coffee. Speaking of lunch, my absolute favorite will always be their marinated chicken salad. When it comes to breakfast, brunch, or merienda, I always go for a flat white with their pancakes and scrambled eggs (I know it may sound like a weird combination, but trust me, it's fire). If you have more of a sweet tooth, go for any of their cakes.

3. Cuervo Café (@cuervocafe on Instagram)

Cuervo never fails. It's one of the first coffee spots I visited once I started getting more into the culture of (good) coffee, and every time I go back feels like the first time. It may not have a big menu in comparison with others, but sometimes less is more, right? The essence of Cuervo is all about that quote.  Cuervo’s emphasis is on coffee and some main food options to accompany it, such as avocado toast, croissants, brownies, alfajores, and more. I tend to go for non-sweet options, but lately, I've been dying to try their carrot cake, so I guess I know what I'll order the next time I go (along with a flat white, of course). 5-star coffee, I promise.

One last tip: whenever you go to a specialty coffee shop, please try your coffee before sweetening it, and then choose not to. Thank me later.

@foodtouringba on Instagram!

Solana Wainstein is a BBG from BBYO: Argentina and loves taking pictures.

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