January 30, 2024
Simon Kaminer

New York City, New York, United States

Class of 2024

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Every morning, I drink an entire glass of water - a full 10 oz. Every night, I also drink a full glass of water. Throughout the day, I finish my 32 oz water bottle at least twice. Case closed—I drink a lot of water. 

But there is more to the story. I never used to be a big water drinker. Over the summer, when I was in Israel, I barely drank water. Therefore, I always had a headache and felt pretty out of it. Turns out the sun does dehydrate you - that is not a myth. But it wasn't my harrowing experience in the desert of the Middle East that spurred me to drink water—it was something else. 

It turns out that water is a great aid to digestion. This is the answer to anyone who might have trouble on the toilet. And I’m sure you have all heard about the wonderful upsides of water - there are many. And with this post, I want to detail some thoughts I have on the water - that is why this is an opinion and not a research post. Have you ever thought about water?

Water is an inorganic compound. 3 atoms: H2O. It is quite impressive how something so simple seems to be the sole aid to our existence. Water is not a symmetric molecule, and it conducts electricity quite well. This makes water a great substance for dissolving things in - such as sugar and salt. It also makes water great at washing things off. Rain may seem annoying, but seriously, it is how things get cleaned. The electrostatic force water molecules possess helps them to latch on to little pieces of unwanted dirt and dust and wash them (haha) right off you. 

Water is so incredible—it’s clear and beautiful. When in large amounts, it acts as if it is something else. Little amounts of water act differently than big amounts of water. Think about it. You cannot die from rain (unless something goes super wrong), but you can die from the ocean. Have you ever fathomed how much water is in the ocean? An incomprehensible amount. There is water as far as you can see and then more. And that doesn’t even mention the water below. 

Why say all this? There is no one reason, but I think people need a reminder about water. People get too caught up in their Sprite or juice or Coca-Cola. Remember - water is the only reason you are alive. Water is life. It is electricity, love, and movement. Without water, you are nothing. 

Drink water. 

Simon Kaminer is an Aleph from New York City and has a dog that weighs 150 pounds.

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