The Best Gluten-Free Sandwich-Cookie

March 12, 2021
Maddie Marlowe

Scarsdale, New York, United States

Class of 2023

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In the fifth grade, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Celiac is an autoimmune disorder where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine. Celiac affects 1 in 100 people worldwide. I am lucky to be able to have tons of gluten-free options now, as compared to when I was first diagnosed in 2014. Recently, Oreo came out with a gluten-free option! I was so excited to get to try and compare them with the ones I’ve been eating since I was diagnosed. Since I’ve tried them, I’ve been absolutely addicted.

Gluten-Free Oreos → 9.5/10

The Double Stuffed Gluten-Free Oreos are SO good! The cookie was crunchy and held together well. The amount of filling was perfect; I love frosting and it wasn’t too overwhelming. I also had my sisters try them and they said that they tasted just like a regular Oreo, if not better.

Glutino Cookies → 9/10

I absolutely love these! Before Oreos, these were my go-to. It is the first gluten-free cookie I found when I was first diagnosed. The cookie is crunchy but I wish there was a little more filling, and the cookie-frosting ratio feels off. They’re not as sweet as Gluten-Free Oreos, which I actually like. However, I took off a point because the packaging isn’t resealable so the cookies often go stale, even when I put them in a plastic bag.

Joe-Joe's → 6/10

I tried the Joe-Joe’s cookies a couple of times; they’re not the greatest. The cookie is a weird texture and is soft for some reason. It sticks to the roof of your mouth, which I hate. The cookie is also really messy and breaks and crumbles almost 100% of the time. The filling tastes kind of weird too.

In conclusion, Gluten-Free Double Stuffed Oreos take the (gluten-free) cake. But, Glutino cookies are a close second. Joe- Joe’s is not anything special that I need or even want to eat.

Maddie Marlowe is a BBG from Hudson Valley Region and loves the colour blue as well as watching movies and hanging out with her friends.

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