Preparing for IC Arrivals: Back Together

February 16, 2022
Jordan Levy

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Class of 2022

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For the past two years, our Movement has adapted to the situation of the world through a virtual platform. But now, after months of hard work and planning, here we are in Baltimore, Maryland. International Convention 2022 is a monumental step for not just our Movement, but the global Jewish community. This is the first time we get to finally be all together with leaders from 60 different countries. As the IC Leadership Team and staff work together to turn this vision into a reality, we now get to collaborate and make lasting relationships with our brothers, sisters, and siblings from around the world. IC 2022 will be a weekend to remember, and we are so excited to welcome our Movement to Baltimore!

For the past few days in Baltimore, the IC Leadership Team has been collaborating, gathering materials, and working together to build special immersive experiences. The Experience Team has been setting up the BBYO Block Party, Zen Zone, AZA & BBG Lounges, and other special IC treats. They have been collecting materials, setting up these spaces, and working together to create a truly remarkable space. The Teen Programming Team has been collaborating to plan special experiences for Limmud, Oneg, and AZA, BBG, and BBYO Separates. They have been finalizing everything and working together to create powerful programs for every member. All of our Admins, Coordinators, and Captains have been communicating with each other and the IC Steering Team. So much has been going on behind the scenes to make our time in Baltimore the most special weekend of our lives.

While the IC Leadership Team has worked hard to create these experiences for IC, the most special aspect of these past few days has been being able to reunite with our friends. After months of IC Leadership and Steering Zoom Calls, everyone has been so excited to meet each other in person, stay up having late night conversations, and get to watch our brothers, sisters, and siblings have their “movie moment” hug when the finally see each other’s faces for the first time in person. This special opportunity to meet other Jewish teens from around the world is like no other. Our amazing staff and the IC Leadership Team could not be more excited to kickoff the weekend of our lives and welcome our Movement into Baltimore. See you all soon!

Jordy Levy is an Aleph from Greater Atlanta Region and loves BBYO.

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