The Best and Worst Ashkenazi Noshes

November 3, 2023
Sari Gross

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Class of 2026

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While Jewish people are good at many things, our food is by far the greatest. It is what connects us and brings us together. With food, there is laughter, joy, and love. Whether it is a normal dinner with family or a dinner celebrating the high holidays, food is such an important part of our identity, whether we realize it or not. So, I will be ranking my top ten favorite Jewish foods, with number one being the absolute best thing ever that exists on planet Earth, and number ten being something I refuse ever to eat again.

1: Latkes

Latkes may be the best thing ever created. I am obsessed with them and will eat them any time of year. Adding applesauce makes them even better, but they usually do not even need anything since they are so good. 

2: Rugelach

If you have never had rugelach, you are missing out. It is so so so so so good. While they are a pain to make, the labor is so worth it. They are tedious to make, but it is so much fun. The potential flavors are endless. 

3: A Good Challah

Not only do I love challah, but I love the traditions that surround it. I have so many memories associated with challah, like at CLTC or at home with my family. It is best when it is light and airy, golden on top, and fluffy on the inside. It is especially good with date syrup, you should try it.

4: Brisket

Brisket is so good. I truly do not understand how anyone could dislike it. It is such a staple in my family, regardless of what holiday or time of year it is.

5: Matzah Ball Soup

I like a good matzah ball soup, but I feel like you have to be in a specific mood to eat it. If I am in the right mood for it, it is so good. Although, I do feel like it can be easily messed up, which is a big con. 

6: Kugel

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don't really like Kugel. It is okay sometimes, but I don't really understand it. Fruit and pasta? No thanks. 

7: Shakshuka

Shakshuka is not bad, but I am anti-tomatoes and peppers, which is literally all that it is.

8: Blintzes

To me, blintzes and Kugel are kind of the same thing, even though they aren't. I don't get the sweet cheese, and it's kind of a texture thing for me. I do not like mushy things whatsoever.

9: Matzah Brei

Just like blintzes, it's a texture thing. I also personally think it just doesn't taste good. Matzah and eggs are both so flavorless; it remind me of baby food.

10: Gefilte Fish

Does this even need an explanation? I understand that it is a well-liked Jewish food, but it absolutely disgusts me. I don't know what it is, but I do not think I can physically or mentally bring myself to consume it if you enjoy gefilte fish, kudos to you. I admire your ability to stomach it.

Sari Gross is a BBG from St. Louis and she has 2 dogs.

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