Standing UP For Upstanders Update

March 26, 2021
Standing Up For Upstanders Task Force


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The Standing UP For Upstanders Task Force has been hard at work to spread awareness for COVID-19 and to help those who are affected during these trying times. The task force is currently working to recognize Upstanders in our own community to thank them for everything that they have been doing and are continuing to do. Nonetheless, our task force is small, and we need some more of our awesome members in this movement to take part in this incredible cause, becoming leaders along the process. Will YOU be one of those fantastic people soon?

Since you last read our newsletter, the largest company ‘Pfizer’ started sending vaccines out to different countries all over the world, and public health workers have been administering the vaccines. However, the newest approved vaccine companies have just been announced: AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna, thus far. Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson pledge 240 million vaccine doses by the end of March! Follow @bbyostandingup on Instagram to get detailed vaccine reports from countries all around the world, brought to you by our extraordinary Ed & Web Subcommittee and the stunning Social Media Subcommittee, from our very own Task Force!

The Standing Up for Upstanders Task Force has some exciting updates for the movement that you will not want to miss out on! You can now be nominated for the AZA and BBG of the month, earning some recognition within the order by being on our website. As a Task Force, we are looking for 2 dedicated and hardworking AZAs and BBGs that are constantly spreading positivity and helping the world around them. If you know a teen that fits these requirements, the Task Force encourages that you nominate them for honorable recognition.

Along with that, you can now submit a form nominating essential workers for the Upstander of the week! This is a very exciting opportunity and a chance to thank our essential workers for all they do during these unprecedented times. An Upstander can be someone specific; a family member that you believe is deserving, someone that you work with, and more! It can also be a garbage truck driver or even someone who works at your favorite chain restaurant! By nominating them, they are entered to win a $15 gift card of their choice and much more, to thank them for their hard work and service through this global pandemic. 

With all of this being said, if you are interested in contributing to all of these new initiatives and coming up with more, join the Standing UP For Upstanders Task Force, and if you want to write a newsletter for The Shofar, join the Ed & Web Subcommittee. We’ll see you next time for some more updates! Stay safe, BBYO!

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