Top Ten Moments from the Omaha Airport

August 17, 2023
Sophie Hershkowitz

Atlanta, GA, USA

Class of 2024

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  1. Scooter’s Coffee was honestly so amazing! Me and my friends got to sit and chat while enjoying some delicious iced coffees! Personal favorite is the iced white mocha, highly recommend for everyone on their flights home!
  1. Met so many new presidents! As soon as I was off the plane I was met with every president in the New York area! As we waited around we were slowly joined by even more friends!
  1. Reunited with my CLTC and Perlman friends! My favorite part of any convention is running and tackling the friends I haven’t seen in months! I can say confidently there was definitely plenty of tackling and hugs going on in the Omaha airport!
  1. Got to play lots of Jewish geography! It was so fun to meet people and find out how many people we were both friends with! Summer programs really do make the world seem so much smaller!
  1. Bonding over not so great flight conditions! My flight was freezing and there was a crying baby on it! It was so funny to share our flight stories and compare who had the funniest experience!
  1. Seeing some of my favorite BBYO staff members! Being greeted by THE Danny Freedman was the best way to start my execs experience!
  1. Had so much time to get to know people! 4 hours is truly a long time! But, plenty of time to converse with so many new people! And we even had a nice bus ride to get to know even more people!
  1. Got to try new foods! I tried a sandwich place in the airport that was not bad! I also got to try new snacks from the airport shops they had!
  1. Got to recharge my social battery before an amazing first day at August execs! Any international program is a lot so having time to rest is so helpful!
  1. Perfect place to film cute TikToks and take pictures for BBYOInsider! I took so many pictures with my new and old friends that I can’t wait to post!

Sophie is an BBG from Mizrah BBG in Greater Atlanta Region and loves listening to Taylor Swift.

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