South Africa Takes the Victory

November 13, 2023
Rachel Kaplan

Johannesburg, South Africa

Class of 2026

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On Saturday, the 28th of October, South Africa took victory as the winners of the 2023 Rugby World Cup!

This win has created an atmosphere of excitement and hope throughout South Africa, and celebrations have been held throughout the country. Even though (as of Saturday, the 4th of November) it's been a week since the Springboks won, the celebrations have not died down. I attended a parade on the 2nd of November where the Springboks players went around the country in a double-decker bus, waving to supporters and holding the trophy up high. 

It was so beautiful to see the people of my country come together to forget our differences and just be happy for the Springboks, celebrate life, and support South Africa!

Rachel is a BBG from Johannesburg and loves singing, reading, and watching Netflix!

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