Sharing the Joy of Spooey

February 3, 2023
Bennett Samberg

Newtown, CT, United States

Class of 2023

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It was a dreary October day when myself and the few members of my chapter who were able to make it to that day’s meeting found ourselves at the Stop and Shop in our local shopping plaza for a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt. Stop and Shop was a place that carried many of the items on our list, including the ingredients to make spooey, a classic BBYO treat. Since my advisor and I were the only ones of those present who had been in BBYO for some time, we took it upon ourselves to educate the newer members on this beloved BBYO tradition. So, we purchased some pretzel sticks and frosting (funfetti flavor of course), and headed outside to start cooking. The newer members of my chapter watched in curious confusion as we dunked the pretzel sticks into the frosting and began munching away at our spooey, but soon they joined in as well to enjoy the delicious treat.

It was a very nice moment to be able to teach newcomers to BBYO about something so special. Even if it is just frosting and pretzel sticks, it represents tradition going back decades. Ever since I joined BBYO in eighth grade, the older members of my chapter were always teaching me traditions, like the different calls we’d make during business meetings, teaching me about our chapter mascot, and of course spooey. I think that a big part of what makes BBYO so special is that it as a whole, but specially individual regions and even chapters each have their own unique culture and traditions. By sharing things like spoeey with the younger members of my chapter, I feel like I’m maintaining these traditions and this culture, and passing it along to a newer generation. That day especially, I felt like I was passing the torch to my successors, and I felt confident knowing that once I’ve graduated, things will stay the same as they’ve always been. 

Since then, we’ve made spooey at several other chapter meetings and regional events, and I always take the time to share it with everyone. I know that in four years, when they are my age, they’ll do the very same. For the good and welfare of our chapter, our region, and BBYO itself.

Bennett Samberg is an Aleph from Newtown, Conneticut, and he likes to knit.

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