Top 11 Things That Makes IC My Favorite Convention

March 1, 2019
Ian Roundtree

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Class of 2021

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11. Lanyards

When you think of a BBYO lanyard you’re probably thinking of a tag that says your name and your chapter. But wait…. IC lanyards are always something special because you can get a TON of tags such as, an AEPI tag, a region tag, and a grade tag!

10. Shuk

Did someone say shuk?!?!?! Who doesn’t like buying BBYO apparel? I know I like BBYO apparel, and shuk especially at IC is the hot spot for some fan favorite items such as, AZA and BBG hats. Shuk also has items from regions and international communities around the order, and you can donate to the ISF!

9. Pre Summits

When February comes around everyone is always dying for IC to come, so why not get there a day before and see your friends while learning about something that you’re passionate about? There are many IC pre summits to choose from including, Brand Marketing, BBYO Sings, BBYO Stand UP, and MORE! So what are you waiting for?!?!?! Go to a pre summit!

8. International Board Elections

The international board plays a key role in BBYO’s success, that’s why electing these positions made the number seven spot on my list! Although, elections may seem boring because unless you’re running, you’re sitting in a chair with a clicker for a few hours with only a break for lunch, it is a key element in our orders success. Plus the food is good!

7. IC Steering

IC Steering plays a HUGE role in making IC better than it’s ever been before through all the hard work they do. In addition, IC steering is also really fun especially if you’re planning a service (Every other committee is cool too!)  because you get to inspire those around you by doing what you love.

6. Leads Day

 The hotel where IC is at is pretty nice, but you have to get out and explore the area around the hotel a little more, and you of course need fresh air. That’s where leads day falls into place! Before IC you get to request a few sessions for your leads day experience involving areas of interest like, sports and politics. Another thing, a large portion of leads day sessions are off campus! For example, at IC 2018 I got to go to the campus of the University of Central Florida!

5. Speakers

The speakers at IC are AMAZING! First, you could be talking to one of the most well-known internet celebrities in the world, then you could be talking to the US ambassador to Israel! That’s crazy because most people don’t even get that kind of opportunity!

4. Making New Friends Across the Globe

Other than summer programs, IC is the best place to meet people all the way from Missouri to Ukraine. I’m serious, you can meet people outside of your country! Isn’t that insane?!?!? What teens have close friends outside of their country? I know I do! And, most importantly everyone at IC is really friendly!

3. Havdallah

Havdallah is truly something special. I remember my first IC I was expecting a normal Havdallah similar to my region, but I was wrong. IC Havdallah isn’t just about putting your arms around your best friends and singing the traditional prayers, it’s about being with those you love and forming new friendships while Shabbat draws to a close. Furthermore, IC Havdalah inspired me to make services, and get more involved in the Jewish community.

2. The Concert

The concert by far is an AMAZING experience! You get to jump around to some crazy tunes by a few famous musicians! Get this, you know most of them! For example, IC has hosted Steve Aoki, Nelly, and more over the years! What a show!

1. Opening Ceremonies

What’s not to like about opening ceremonies? Opening ceremonies is the most hype thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life! For example, you have amazing speakers like Scott Rogowsky, who is the host for HQ Trivia, and you have a surprise performance for a popular music artist! Lastly, every region and international community is loud and proud for the entirety of the night.    

Ian Roundtree is a passionate Aleph from Mid-America Region: St. Louis Council who enjoys playing the trombone and bass guitar.

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