Reaching New Heights In Mountain Region

October 31, 2019
Heather Saxe

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Class of 2021

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Throughout the summer and into the beginning of the school year, Mountain Region has climbed to new heights. During the summer, many participants from Mountain had the time of their lives at a variety of different BBYO Summer Experiences. Below is a look at our 12 ILTC participants who grew as leaders and made amazing new friends at this awesome summer program!!

Pictured: Joey Kaplan, Amari Lampert, Sam Goldfinger, Asher Sudit, Aiden David, Jackson Schutter, Gabe Friedman, Mimi Yonover, Jordan Paige, Ellie Sims, Lyndsey Klein, and Ariella Golden. 

Many of Mountain’s members got a chance to experience International programming through CLTC this summer too! We are very proud to have such a strong representation of our members at Summer Programs! All participants have been able to take what they have learned and apply it to their chapter and to our region!

Pictured: Charlie Ratterman, Gabe Green, Maddie Ballis, Austin Raben, Jacob Wagner, and Steven Raizer. (there are even more members who attended!!)

Moving into the School Year...

Our Regional N’siah, Katie Kort, and Regional Godol, Noah Kaplan, attended International August Execs! Both brought back lots of valuable resources, new ideas, and more to Mountain Region!!  These resources came in handy for Mountain’s own September Regional Execs!

At Mountain’s Regional Execs, three representatives from every chapter were invited to a weekend full of leadership training and fun! N’siot and Godolim were able to learn how to effectively support their chapters, S’ganim learned how to elevate their programming, and Morim began to develop MIT/AIT curriculums. During the weekend, we also passed new and exciting pieces of legislature. One piece of legislation that passed turned our Fall Convention into a Fall Kallah for the following years to come! One of the most epic moments was when we inducted West Valley BBYO into the region! What a truly successful weekend!

Pictured: Noah Kaplan, Asher Sudit, Gabe Friedman, Jackson Schutter, Sol Lerner, Katie Kort, Shelby Miller, Ellie Sims, Heather Saxe, and Amari Lampert.

Soon came the month of October which brought our first regional convention of the year, Fall Convention! This event was coordinated by our regional N'siah and Godol, and was one of our biggest conventions in years!! The weekend was full of exciting programming, new friendships, BBYO spirit, and paninis. It was the best way for us to kick off this year.

Mountain Region has also excelled in attendance, membership, and much much more! Not only did we beat our Fall Convention attendance goal by 15 people, but we also surpassed our International Convention registration goal!! This appears to be the year for smashing expectations. And we’re going big on membership too. Not only are we expanding existing chapters, but we have also started a new chapter in Glendale called West Valley BBYO. One founder of the chapter, Madelon Maschmeier, has done a truly excelled in growing this chapter. With high attendance at programming and event attendance at the regional convention, West Valley BBYO is off to an amazing start!

Heather Saxe is a BBG from Mountain Region who enjoys drawing and reading comic books.

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