A Year in Rewind

March 18, 2021
Maddie Marlowe

Scarsdale, New York, United States

Class of 2023

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This year has definitely been crazy! After reflecting on my year in BBYO, here are the spotlights of the events I attended in 2020.


The start of the year! Our Regional Board had RLTI to plan all the events for the year 2020. We never imagined that just 2 months after planning, our world would be turned upside down.


The International Convention was literally one of the best experiences of my life! I was so amazed to spend the weekend with over 6,000 Jewish teens just like me from all over the world. I was able to party, meet new friends, attend some great lectures, and even meet Holocaust survivors. During the day trip, my group and I also got stuck in an elevator and were rescued by the Dallas fire department.


COVID hit the US. Although it was upsetting to watch my world fall apart around me, BBYO meetings were a constant. Without missing a beat, we went into online mode with Saturday Night programming to entertain our members.  


J-Serve was in April! My region packed medical supplies for people in need. It was a great bonding experience for all of us to recognize how much we were able to help others by coming together.


May was Hudson Valley Region’s first-ever online Spring Convention. Learning to steer online was uncharted territory. I ran a successful whipped coffee program! Although it was definitely weird being remote, the whole convention ran smoothly. I learned a lot about being a leader and working collaboratively with others.


June was my chapter’s election. I ran for S’ganit for Eden BBG #103 and won the position. Being S’ganit meant a lot to me, and I learned a lot about time management, leadership skills, and working creatively. I’m still holding the position and currently love planning meetings and working with my board every other week.


In July I attended a CLTC connect program. I made so many good friends who I still talk to almost every day. Even though the program was virtual, I learned a lot about being a leader and how to run a successful chapter. I also went out of my comfort zone throughout the activities and participated.


Although I didn’t attend any official events in August, I was busy thinking of ideas for my chapter meetings. I made mood boards, wrote scripts, and met with my board for bonding experiences.


September was my chapter’s kickoff. It was also my first time running a program on board. I was very nervous. However, to my surprise, the program was very successful! We wrote down our goals and ideas for the school year to come, it was a great bonding experience for my chapter.


October was Hudson Valley Region’s kickoff. Since it was still warm out, my region got together (socially distanced of course), and we had a giant relay race!! It was a great way to jumpstart the year with everyone.


Hudson Valley Region had its first virtual Winter Convention in November. I ran a Murder Mystery program and a virtual party. Both were very well received, and we had a great turnout. Although it was only our second online convention, the programs ran smoothly and we were able to think creatively.


In December, my region hosted a December Extravaganza! We played Hanukkah-themed activities, baked food on Zoom, and had morning services. It was a great way to close out the year!

Maddie Marlowe is a BBG from Hudson Valley Region and loves the colour blue as well as watching movies and hanging out with her friends.

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