Quiet on the Set: Behind the Scenes on LEADS Day

February 18, 2023
Neely Shemony

Rockville, Maryland, USA

Class of 2025

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Ethics and television: who would have thought the two could collide? In my Leads Day program today “Lights, Camera, Action!”, I was able to experience the colliding of the world of media and the world of personal values. We started out with a program that introduced us to different scenarios where directors and entertainers had to face challenges that put their personal values up to the test. Smaller groups joined to discuss what they would do in that place, and then we were asked to present to the larger group. I heard so many different opinions and thoughts throughout this discussion that expanded my perspective on topics such as LGBTQ+, how religion is viewed in the media and other pressing issues. After these thoughtful conversions, we moved onto the interactive aspect; participating in the filming of movie scenes. Now let me be honest, I was so nervous to participate because I had no idea what I would be doing. But to my surprise, it was much more fun than I had expected. We were given jobs and positions such as nine of us, including me, who got to act as Marvel and DC characters. We were given hilarious costumes with masks, capes and slap-on bracelets. Rehearsing the scene the first couple of times was super entertaining as everyone was still figuring out their roles; we messed up our four word lines, the “director” was frustrated with our “emotionless acting”, and the person with the boom microphone kept it too low and continuously hit people’s heads. Nonetheless we completed a successful scene, channeling our inner batman and thor. Although the day was a bit chaotic and I wasn’t sure what to expect, I ended up having a fun time and learning a lot about the filming process. I wasn’t sure what career I wanted to do before today, but I think I definitely found my calling - acting in the role of DC character Shazam, even though I couldn’t remember my single line. Overall, I had such a fun day and learned so many new things about this industry. 

Neely is a BBG living in Rockville, Maryland and she loves playing competitive volleyball.

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