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Popping Up the Judaism

February 18, 2020

West Bloomfield, Michigan, United States

The International Convention J-Lab is an environment featuring various pop-ups and exhibits to help IC attendees further connect with their Jewish heritage. From a giant Jewish-themed crossword puzzle, to create-your-own black out poems, to schmoozing over monster milkshakes, there have been dozens of ways for teens to connect with their peers and Judaism inside the J-lab.

Dylan Shefman, a junior from Michigan Region, was a part of the team that helped bring the magic of the J-lab to life. Dylan says, “I love the concept of the J-Lab because it allows us to explore Judaism in more unconventional and creative ways”. The J-Lab exhibits encouraged teens to use all their senses to connect to their Jewish values, rather than sticking to the common ways we tend to see.

Sarah Goldman is a BBG from Michigan Region.

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