Parsha Pekudei: Building Together

March 15, 2024
BBYO Weekly Parsha


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In this week's Parasha, we delve into the ideas of effort from every person no matter the role, accountability, and the shared vision of an entire community. The portion starts with the Mishkan's construction being completed. The Mishkan is a portable house for G-D during the travels of the Israelites in the deserts and up until the construction of the first temple. It emphasizes how precise everything needed to be and the different materials needed to build it. Under Moses's leadership, with the help of Bezalel and Oholiab, the Israelites show how with everyone contributing, and using each other's strengths we make something intricate and impressive. The Mishkan stands as a symbol that we can be like the Israelites and with everyone contributing in their own way and however they can, we too can build something great.

This symbolizes our experiences at BBYO today as at its core, BBYO is all about empowering Jewish teens and teaching them how to build a community, encourage commitment and become great leaders. Just like the effort that everyone poured into the Mishkan, We as members of BBYO plan events, conventions, programs, meetings and fundraisers that use many different skills and require different passionate people to do successfully. This not only proves that teens in BBYO have great leadership, but that we can each recognize our strengths and weaknesses and contribute based on that. 

The message that this portion is trying to pass is very applicable in today's world especially in BBYO. It shows us how every person can contribute differently for one big goal or purpose and we need every single one of you. The way it describes the Mishkan being built is showing how transparent they were in and after the construction. These principles are very important for leadership and community building in BBYO. It shows how when we work together we can achieve so much more then if we were working alone

Let's let  Parashat Pekudei inspire us and help us recognize the value of every contribution, the importance of accountability, and the strength found in teamwork. By embodying these values, we continue the legacy of our ancestors, creating spaces that welcome everyone who wants to contribute to their community. Through our collective efforts, we can achieve amazing things, helping not only our own lives but also the lives of those around us and making sure that the spirit of community and cooperation continues to thrive.

Shabbat Shalom,

David Efrati, CRW

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