3 Quick and Easy Program Ideas

March 18, 2019
Nadav Warszawski

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States

Class of 2020

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1. Steal The Bacon

SUPPLIES: Tape and ≄6 Small Household Items.

POSSIBLE LOCATIONS: Outside (Grass or Mulch is preferable to prevent injury), or a Large Indoor Space (Like a Gym or Open Basement)


1. Members line up into 2 lines of equal length facing each other.

2. Place tape on the inside-facing side of each member

3. Each person should be arms length apart from the next person in line.

4. The two lines should be a good 16 or so feet apart.  

5. In between the 2 lines should lie a small object (Examples: Book, Apple, Water Bottle, etc.)

6. The person leading the program will call an object and the 2 people from either line across from the object will have to run to grab the object and bring it back to their side (by crossing the tape)

7. For extra challenge cover the objects in condiments (ie Ketchup, Mustard, Vinegar, etc.) to make them gross and slippery

TIME: 30-45 Minutes‍

2. Chopped

SUPPLIES:Tablecloth(s), Timer, 6-10 Foods/Ingredients, Plastic Cutlery, PLates, Napkins, Wipes

POSSIBLE LOCATIONS: House with a large Kitchen/Dining Room, Backyard, Any Open Space with tables


1. Attendees are presented with a list of no more than 10 ingredients

2. Members are split up into teams (no more than 6 to a team) and each team is assigned an area to prepare their meals

3. Everyone is given 10 minutes to prepare a dish using the given ingredients

4. After 10 minutes, each time must present their dish one at a time to a panel of 3 Judges (Top 3, Alumni, Advisor(s) or a mix of the three demographics)

5. Every dish must have a name

6. All 3 Judges will try the dish and score the dish for Creativity (Out of 10), Taste (Out of 10), Texture (Out of 10), and Appearance (Out of 10)

7. All 3 Judges will be given 5 minutes to discuss and give decide their scores

8. After 5 minutes they will present the score to the presenting team

9. Feel free to do multiple rounds/courses

10.Count up points and declare a winner! Winning teams can get a cheap, fun prize, like a $5 Wawa or Target Gift Card

TIME: ~1 hour‍

3. Scream Therapy (Chapter Icebreaker Activity)


POSSIBLE LOCATIONS: Outdoors, anywhere where noise level is no concern


1. Members assemble in a circle

2. Members take turn going down the circle stating

Name, Grade, and School

3. Take a turn stepping forward and screaming anything (serious or funny, so long as appropriate) to get comfortable or get anything off their chest/mind

TIME: 10-20 minutes

Nadav is an Aleph from South Jersey Region and is usually hungry.

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