Parsha Bamidbar: Leadership in the Community

May 19, 2023
BBYO Weekly Parsha


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Bamidbar is the first parsha in the Book of Numbers which tells the story of the Jewish people's journey from Egypt to the Promise Land. The parsha begins with God commanding Moses to take a census of the Jewish people counting all of the men over the age of 20 who are able to serve in the army.

One of the key themes of this parsha is the importance of community. The Jewish people are not just a collection of individuals but rather a community that is bound together by a shared history and destiny. By commanding Moses to take a census, God is reminding the Jewish people that they are part of a larger whole and that each individual has a role to play in the community.

Another important theme of this Parsha is the idea of each person having a unique role to play in the community. The census is not just a way of counting the number of people in the community but also a way of identifying each person's unique strengths and abilities. This is why the census was broken down by tribe which each tribe having its own role to play inside of the larger community.

Additionally, Bamidbar teaches us that leadership is an important part of any community. Moses is the primary leader of the Jewish people, but he is not alone. He is supported by Aaron and the Levites who have a special role to play in leading the community. This shows us that leadership is not something that should be concentrated in the hands of a few individuals, but rather should be shouldered amongst many.

In conclusion, the Parsha of Bamidbar teaches us many important lessons about community and leadership. It reminds us that we are all part of a larger whole, and that each person has a unique role to play in the community. It also shows us that leadership is an important part of any community and that it's burdern should be shared amongst many. These are important lessons for all of us whether we are part of the Jewish community or not.

Ari Weisman
North Texas Oklahoma Regional Sh'licha

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