Top 10 Items to Bring on a BBYO Passport Trip

November 3, 2023
Gabby Hasko

Wayzata, Minnesota, United States

Class of 2025

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BBYO Passport trips are some of the most fun trips you will ever take. I made the most amazing memories and friends on my Eastern Europe and Israel trip. Thinking back on the trip, here are the 10 items I found most important to bring with me!

  1. Some Sort of Bag: Whether it’s a Lululemon fanny pack or a small backpack, having something to carry essentials in is one of the most important things to bring with you! It’s so much easier to carry everything in a bag instead of stuffing your pockets, and you can always be ready for any challenges thrown at you during the day.
  2. Fan: A fan is one of the best things to bring on a trip to the desert. Staying cool in the heat allows you to feel the best that you can and really enjoy the moments of your trip. You should tell all of your friends to bring fans as well because then you won’t have to pass it to everyone on the bus.
  3. Water Shoes: Water shoes are one of the BEST things to bring, so don’t blow over these for Birkenstocks or flip-flops. I’d recommend getting tevas, chacos, or an equivalent, as they are perfect for going in the water but can also be worn all day to tour a city.
  4. Multiple Skirts or Long Pants: This might be something on the list that you want to skip based on the weather, but DO NOT. I only brought one skirt on my trip and truly wish I had brought a few more as my trip didn’t just wear skirts and pants to the Western Wall but to synagogues and more conservative cities in both Israel and Europe as well. 
  5. Headphones: Days on BBYO Passport trips are long and jam-packed with exciting activities. It’s super important that you bring headphones with you on the bus so that you can relax and recharge. I loved sleeping, jamming out to Taylor Swift, and watching The Summer I Turned Pretty on the bus.
  6. Portable Charger: Bringing a portable charger was one of the best decisions I made. It saved me in so many situations when we had long days, and the charger on the bus didn’t work. It’s extra important to make sure you charge it at night so it’s ready for the day!
  7. Water Bottle/Camelbak and Electrolytes: I would highly recommend getting a solid water bottle that keeps water cold so it stays cool throughout the day. Bringing a full Camelbak is perfect for any long hikes or days where you don’t want to carry a water bottle, so it’s super important to have both options. Carrying electrolytes can ensure that you are always drinking enough water and staying hydrated throughout the trip.
  8. Durable Bag: Since you can only bring one bag and a backpack, it’s crucial that you find the right one. I bought an Eagle Creek duffel, and it was absolutely perfect. I tell anybody going on a BBYO Passport trip that this is not the place to skip out on a purchase because you wheel and keep the bags in so many places, meaning you need a solid bag to get you from place to place smoothly.
  9. Good Walking Shoes: This is another no-skip. Being on your feet all day means you need comfortable shoes. I bought the Nike Pegasus shoes and thought they were perfect. I’d recommend skipping a lot of cute shoes and sticking to what’s practical. I also wore tennis shoes to dinners, and they ended up looking great with outfits, so tennis shoes can be super multi-purposeful!
  10. A Good Attitude and Open Mind: This trip was the experience of a lifetime. I would’ve never had as much fun as I did without having a good attitude about activities that I wasn’t super enthused about. Being open to different foods and activities allows you to truly find the joy of all of the amazing places you will visit. Being open-minded helped me to make friends, especially considering I knew a lot of people going on the trip. I talk to people from my trip all the time and would’ve never had that kind of experience if I hadn’t branched out!

Overall, my summer with BBYO Passport was the best summer of my life. From all of the unique and exciting places I saw to the incredible people I met, I can easily say this trip changed my life. I hope this list serves you well and that you have an amazing summer on your BBYO passport trip!

Gabby Hasko is a BBG living in Wayzata, Minnesota and her favorite food is sushi.

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