Parashat Tzav: Igniting Your BBYO Spark

March 29, 2024
BBYO Weekly Parsha


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In Parashat Tzav, G-d orders Moses to command Aaron and his sons to do several rituals. These rituals are used for burnt and grain offerings, sin and guilt offerings, and peace offerings, each with its own tasks. 

In this Parasha, fire is constantly mentioned. The procedures for each of the sacrifices describe the fire’s role in the process. Fire creates the burnt offering, it burns the meal offering, and it engulfs the sin offering. The fire exists to change and rebuild. 

As Alephs and BBGs, we have our own fire too. Our fire ignites when our passion for AZA & BBG grows; when we carry on the traditions of Alephs and BBGs before us; when we make the dreams of Sam Beber and Anita M. Perlman a reality. As said in Leviticus 6:6, “A permanent fire shall remain aflame on the altar… it shall not be extinguished.” Our individual sparks—regardless of how or by whom they were ignited— unite to create the eternal flame of BBYO. 

So, how did you ignite your BBYO spark?

Shabbat Shalom, Izzy Ehrlich, BAR

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