NYC Trips: A Guide

January 14, 2022
Sydney Levine

Rockville Centre, New York, United States

Class of 2023

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During what is currently the second half of the pandemic (because it doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon, so this time frame could change in the near future), trips to NYC have been the light in my life. I’ve tried to go once a month, and over the summer I went once a week. My LIRR ten trip is my best friend. No, seriously. I’ve curated some consistent trips over the past year, so here’s the list… in no particular order!

5. The Met

America: A Lexicon of Fashion was an exhibit I wanted to see for months. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I took a trip to the Met to check it out. If you are looking for a museum spot, I would recommend this one! The exhibit was everything I was expecting and more. (Seriously, I cried in the exhibit). Even if you are not a big fashion person, the outfits are gorgeous. 

4. The Meatpacking District

There’s so much to do in the Meatpacking District. From Chelsea Market to the High Line, you can spend a whole day in the area and not get bored. Oftentimes, I walk from Penn to the Highline at Hudson Yards. I love walking the whole line, so I get off at Ganesvoort. Bubby’s was my favorite brunch place, but now it’s closed (along with the Ample Hills that shared a building). Pastis is amazing, and STK’s brunch is so good. Meatpacking District is a great place to go shopping, so I’ll wander around the different stores and stop in the Restoration Hardware. After a meal, I’ll head to the Whitney. It’s a great museum but make sure to make a reservation! Chelsea Market should definitely be your next stop. As you walk through the building, stop by the Doughnuttery to pick up an order. The donuts are so cute and you can even customize the flavors. I love to stop at the bookstore for books and some stickers. Before you hop back on the subway, stop at the 24 Hour Donut Shop for another order of donuts. 

3. The Morning Star Diner

None of my city trips are complete without the Morning Star Diner. On 50th and 2nd, this restaurant is the quintessential diner experience. I highly recommend their croissant french toast. When sitting in this diner, I feel like I’m having my main character moment. 

2. The Strand

If you’re looking for an iconic NYC bookstore, The Strand should be at the top of your list. Check out my favorite location on Broadway and 12th Street. Whether you’re looking for some fun trinkets, a good book, or a tote bag, the Strand is perfect. It’s even fun to just walk around and not buy anything (but I can’t resist a good book!).

1. Just walking from 77 to 49 with pick a bagel and a Starbucks

Just taking a walk in the city is fun (as long as you stay safe). Put on a nice jacket, some sneakers, and a hat, and take a stroll down Lexington. I often walk from 77 to 49th (to stop at the Morning Star Diner, obviously). Grab a drink (I love the peppermint hot chocolate at this time of year) and a bagel from pick a bagel and start walking (but walk at a normal speed please). I love stopping at Shakespeare & Co and Magnolia Bakery. 

Sydney Levine is a BBG living on Long Island, New York who is obsessed with bucket hats.

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