The Importance of CLTC

November 3, 2023
Brandon Sorkin

Houston, Texas, United States

Class of 2026

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As the texts came in and questions came up regarding if I would be attending CLTC this past summer. I was hesitant at first, knowing that I would have my last year at my summer camp right before, and I didn't want to waste a summer. But then I got curious: what if this is the right thing for me? What if I end up wanting to go? I decided to reach out to the coordinator of the CLTC I would attend, Josh Rutman, and I asked him what it would be like. His answers opened my eyes. I decided to sign up for CLTC 4 2023—the best decision of my life.

CLTC isn't much different from most Jewish summer camps. Rather than an activities rotation, you have 2 hours of BBYO education. 1 hour after breakfast, and then one hour after lunch. During these times, you learn vital things about being a chapter office member and valuable leadership skills that you can't learn anywhere else. The Jewish education you get is amazing, and the spiritual engagement is unique from anywhere else.

The friendships you make are priceless. You get so close to people so fast. I would consider some of the people I met on CLTC some of my best friends, and I still talk to most on the phone every night and text them throughout the day. You gain a family that you yearn to reunite with.

While this is a BBYO camp, it sets you up with leadership and social skills that will take you to high places in the future. The hands-on leadership training is like no other; the friendships you make are incredible. If you have any further questions regarding my time at CLTC, feel free to reach out.

Brandon Sorkin is an Aleph from Randy Reisbord AZA #1935 in Lonestar Region #73 and served his first Godol term as a second-semester Freshman!

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