My Top 5 Unpopular BBYO Opinions

December 14, 2023
Shayna Finore

Glassboro, New Jersey, United States

Class of 2027

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  1. Elections are fun

Elections always get me excited and happy. I am prideful when my friends take on running for a new board position. Hearing everyone’s ideas for the upcoming term creates so much excitement for the future of my chapter/region!

  1. Programmed events and chapter hangouts are equally important

I believe that programmed events and chapter hangouts go hand in hand. Programmed events and hangouts both create bonds and leave an impact on you. One will always be more meaningful to someone, and that’s why they’re both of value. 

  1. Stop trying to make spooey complicated!

The beautiful thing about spooey is that it is literally a pretzel dipped in frosting. That’s it! When first joining BBYO, you’re confused about why such a disgusting and simple-sounding snack is so infamous. Then, you try it, and your world is forever changed. Spooey does not need crazy-flavored frosting or sprinkles, I love that spooey is just spooey!

  1. Separates > Spirit Circle

Most people see separates as “the thing before Spirit Circle.” However, Separates leaves a longer impact than Spirit Circle. Going into Spirit Circle, you know what’s going to happen as opposed to separates. 

  1. Seniors give away too many unnecessary things at Life

The most anticipated part of Life is receiving items from our Seniors. But what do we actually want? Clothes! Sure, mementos are fun, but do people really want random crumpled slips of paper from your CLTC? Do people really want a 2018 IC name tag from a random person from a different region?

Shayna Finore is a BBG from Glassboro, New Jersey, and she loves to be lively and make connections that improve the world and the people in it.

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