My Experiences in College

February 25, 2019
Jacob Klein

Naples, Florida, United States

Class of 2019

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Now you may be wondering college?! But, you’re in BBYO, what could you possibly know?” In some communities, there is something called “Dual Enrolment’, where you are able to take college classes at local universities in your junior or senior year of high school. In my scenario, I was able to  take college classes as a full time college student two years early. I am not graduating early, I rather am simply getting college credits that can cover my high school credits and advance me toward the career choice that I want.

College will have things you are expecting and things you aren't! For me, I expected more work than in high school. However I quickly realized that my assignments no longer felt like busy work, but rather meaningful opportunities to gain a deeper understanding in my classes. I also found most of my professors to be amazing, engaging, and really fun! Of course, you may choose a professor you don't like, but sometimes that's just how things work out.

You will also usually find that you have much more free time than you did back at home, but, don't be fooled, you may overexaggerate how much time you have and fall behind. I nearly fell behind during my second term at FGCU, and something I found very helpful was using a planner to write down due dates and schedule out my homework. I found that it truly helped not just in school but with other life events and BBYO!

Unfortunately, I lost touch with some of my high school friends. Taking college courses and coming straight back home, it was very difficult to make close friends with the students who lived on campus. After my first term, I decided to try new things and become more involved. I learned about different clubs and groups that my university had to offer, and there were so many that I found really interesting! From a scuba club to a French club to a “coffee and controversy “ club I really found people that I now talk to a day to day basis. So if you are planning on attending college I really urge you to explore all the things they have to offer!

Though all universities and colleges are different, they all have some similarities. Each of them have study/educational tools to help you do better in any class you may have! At FGCU, there is a writing center that helps you make edits and strengthen your essays, there is also S.I. (supplemental instruction) which are students helping their peers after they have already taken that class and so the can have tip and tricks for how to study, what you should focus on, and even help you understand something you may be lost in.

College is a really great experience and I cannot wait to continue my education. GOOD LUCK to all those applying, waiting to hear back, or getting ready in the coming years. Know that there is so much opportunity out there waiting for you!

Jacob Klein is an Aleph from North Florida Region and is excited to return to his hometown of Denver this year at IC 2019.

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